Our Technology

High Tech X-Ray System


The GALILEO® 3D Dental Conebeam is able to perform a complete dental scan in as little as 14 seconds and automatically generates panoramic reconstructions, which make the scanning and diagnostic process much easier for both the dentist and patient.

The GALILEO 3D Cone Scanner uses cone beam volumetric imaging to produce very high quality dental imaging. Our GALILEO technology allows for panoramic, cephalometric and transversal slice acquisition display imagery with zero distortion. The superior level of detail provides a clear and precise view of all teeth, roots, gum lines and defects or imperfections. The GALILEO 3D Cone Scanner is simply the best, most reliable dental imaging device available and Dr Hummel is just one of a handful of dentists in Maryland to utilize such advanced technology.



Dr Hummel uses the CEREC System not only to replace fillings but also to restore any tooth that is decayed or otherwise compromised from its natural strength and beauty.

We prepare the tooth and take an optical impression. A special camera makes a digital image of your tooth. A 3D virtual model is then converted to the computer screen by using the CEREC software. We then design your restoration to produce your customized tooth using state-of-the-art ceramic milling technology. In approximately 30 minutes your tooth is ready!